CS:GO Roster Changes During the Winter Player Break

During the winter player break for CS:GO, many top tier teams have either gained or released players. While some of these changes have been rumored for a while, others, such as flusha, were more unexpected. So, let’s break down the CS:GO roster changes team by team.


Cloud9 is undergoing serious roster changes at the moment. In early December, they parted ways with kassad due to a “stylistic clash” between him and Alex, according to the GM of the team, HenryG. Now, woxic is also benched on the team, ending a short three-month time on the active roster. In a report from RushB Media, Cloud9 is looking to acquire Xeppaa, formerly of Chaos. Also, in a report from RushB Media, Gen.G coach Elmapuddy is in talks to join Cloud9 following Gen.G’s decision to place their entire team up for transfer. Following a tweet from HenryG, it seems like both deals have gone through. Cloud9 has plenty of time to practice before their roster’s debut in the IEM Katowice Play-In, which might be the first CS:GO LAN since last year.

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